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 작성자 |  Admin   작성일 |  2017/05/25 9:34 am
Global Thought Leaders Share their Insights
IFEES Free Webinar Series
Register now to secure your spot for the IFEES inaugural webinar on Tuesday, May 30th!
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
12 Noon GMT
The IFEES Webinar Series is a key initiative to its expand its capacity building initiatives offered through the IIDEA platform. Each webinar will tackle cutting-edge and controversial topics in engineering and engineering pedagogy, facilitated by top-rated professionals from academia and industry.
The inaugural IFEES Webinar focuses on “Insights & Challenges of Teaching with Technology in Engineering Education” and provides diverse perspectives from our panelists.
Dr. Michael Auer, IFEES President, will lead the webinar by discussing the importance of deeply exploring the complexities of teaching with technology and the efforts of the IFEES Webinar Series to use technology to expand its capacity building. Dr. Mushtak Al-Atabi will present his experiences in designing and teaching MOOCs that engages students from around the world in facing the Global Grand Challenges. Dr. Uriel Cukierman will discuss aspects of leveraging IT in higher education. Dr. Christina White will facilitate the session and the audience discussion.
We highly encourage our IFEES Webinar audience to join in the discussion by using the Zoom technology to pose questions and ideas throughout the session. 

Introduction of IIDEA Webminar Series

Michael Auer
President of IFEES

The Human Revolution: What I Learnt from my MOOC's

Mushtak Al Atabi
Senior Deputy Provost at Heriot-Watt University

Rapidly developing technology is changing the very fabric of our lives and the nature of work and employment. Due to automation and the use of artificial intelligence, some studies are suggesting that as many as 47% of today’s jobs are going to disappear. The presentation argues that, just like how the industrial revolution and the information revolution changed the nature of jobs, the technological revolution we experience requires a “human revolution” to prepare us to remain leading in the realm that still exclusively in the human domain, emotional intelligence. The speaker presents the case for making emotional intelligence a core element of education in general and the engineering education in particular and shares his experience teaching emotional intelligence through a MOOC.

Leveraging IT in Higher Education
Uriel Cukierman
Immediate Past President of IFEES
Current society demands not only more engineers, but also better ones, equipped with abilities to solve complex technical challenges, working in interdisciplinary teams and dealing with social and cultural issues as well. These skills are being required by accreditation boards, engineering schools’ authorities and the industry itself, lengthwise and crosswise the whole world. Students entering the workforce are not prepared in both hard and soft skills, along with a new kind of digital literacy that far exceeds the job-specific training. Learning Technologies may help academic leaders and faculties to cope with this challenge and, by doing so, improving the quality of the teaching and learning process. This presentation will describe current and future trends in methodologies and resources useful for dealing with this challenge.

Moderated by
Christina White
IFEES Webinar Series Designer

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